Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: Love You To Death by Crissy Calhoun

Title: Love You To Death: An Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries
Author: Crissy Calhoun
Pages: 211
Publisher: ECW Press
Source: Recieved from Publisher
Summary: Taking devoted fans deep into the heart of Mystic Falls, the fictional setting of the CW hit series The Vampire Diaries, this guide will satisfy the curiosity of the series’ many loyal viewers. Garnering huge ratings for the network week after week, The Vampire Diaries’ mix of horror, romance, drama, and self-aware humor has won it a growing and devoted fan base in its very first season. A complete episode guide and biographical portraits of the cast and veteran writer/producer Kevin Williamson, whose credits include Dawson’s Creek and the Scream movies, make this an essential resource for fans. The story behind the creation of the show, information about the bestselling book series by L. J. Smith that first introduced Elena and the Salvatore brothers, and the rich veins of history and mythology that run through the scripts are explored in this essential companion to this new audience favorite.

Review: It was really interesting learning things about the Vampire Diaries tv show that I wouldn't have known if I didn't read this book.Out of all the actor/actresses biographies, I found Ian Somerhalder's bio the most interesting. He is one of my favorite actors. He always is very convincing and he makes the best facial expressions. What I learned about him is that before auditioning for The Vampire Diaries he was very nervous and he didn't think he would get the part. I would have though that he was very confident and sure of himself.

Inside this book there are 8 pages of pictures (in color!) of either scenes from the tv show or pictures of the cast. There is an episode guide which has a lot of information about each episode. My favorite part of the episode guide is the "Foggy Moments" section. Its explains the moments in the episode that are confusing for the viewer, continuity errors, and inconsistincies. Something interesting that I learned is how they make fake blood. They use edible corn syrup, food coloring, salt, and peppermint extract to make it more palatable. A batch of blood lasts two to three months. I gave this book five coffee cups! This is a must-read if you are a fan of the Vampire Diaries.


  1. I am an absolute NUT over The Vampire Diaries! Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

  2. Ian was perfectly cast as Damon! I really liked him as Boone on the first season of LOST - and when Vampire Diaries started we even referred to him as "Boone the Vampire"; but by the end of the first season of Vampire Diaries, when he was shown briefly on LOST, it was "Hey, it's Damon!"


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