Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Thoughts on Harry Potter

I wanted to dedicate this short blog post about Harry Potter. I have seen all the movies (except Deathly Hallows which i'm going to see today!) . I am not totally crazy about them, but they are entertaining.

So here's my thought that I feel strongly about.

Harry Potter and Hermione should have been together! They would be the cutest couple. Ron and Hermione? Not so much. I think I would like Harry Potter better if Harry and Hermione got together. They have been best friends since they were children and they care about each other! I never thought Ron and Hermione are a cute couple, nor Harry and Ginny.

Harry ended up with the wrong girl. Does anyone agree with me?


  1. Oh - wait until you see the movie... You're going to even agree even more that they are the ones that should be together!!! BUT - I do like how that makes all of them family in the end...

  2. I agree with what Rebecca Jo said! The movies don't compare to the books for me, but TDH Part 1 was entertaining :)

  3. I'm a firm Ron and Hermoine fan, but we'll see what happens tonight. Hopefully I'll have formulated some review of the movie by Sunday evening.


  4. But Ron and Hermione were also friends from the very beginning. I thought Harry and Ginny made a really cute couple. She's had a crush on him since the beginning, he saved her from Riddle and I like that them getting together makes Ron and Harry related.
    Oh, and the movie was great, though you would think Harry and Hermione should be together from that. So yes maybe from the movies, but I never saw them together in the books.

  5. I like Ron and Hermione together, but I agree with you on not being a fan of Harry and Ginny together! Hope you love Deathly Hallows!

  6. Lol, I actually thought that out of all the adaptations, this one is the closest to the book. I figure it's because they split it into two movies, so they had more time to get it right, you know? I kinda like Ron & Hermione, but for me, I think Harry shoulda ended up with Luna :P Ginny sucks!

  7. i dont agree! ron and hermione are sooo good toogether. but i agree with amelia. harry should be with loona. its just that they were never conected and ginny is kinda cute so... well its right the way it is!


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