Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book Review: Adversary by Kate Kaynak

Title: Adversary (Ganzfield #2)
Author: Kate Kaynak
Pages: 238
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Source: Recieved from author

Summary: Things are more dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield, and not everyone will survive. Does Maddie have what it takes?
See what happens next in the sequel to Minder.

Review: It was amazing! I was pulled in from the very beginning. This book is never dull, and it is fast paced. I love all the characters, especially maddie and Trevor. Their romance is so cute! I loved how they developed a special "connection". It made it seem like they were meant to be together. This book had lots of action and a surprising ending!

In this book, the characters didn't stay at Ganzfield. In fact, most the book they weren't even at Ganzfield. Some of the students (Maddie and her friends) got together and went to save their friends and encountered an unfriendly foe.

I loved the first book, Minder, but this book was even better! More action and plot changing, this book kept me wanting more. If you haven't read this series, DO IT! You won't be disappointed. Kate Kaynak is a great author. She knows how to keep readers entertained.

I would definetely recommend reading this book. This is one of my favorite series. You never know what's going to happen in each book. It's great! I can't wait for Legacy. So excited!


  1. I really enjoyed Minder and definitely want to read Adversary. I am so glad you liked it. Thanks for the great review


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