Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Blogger Hop (10)

Crazy-For-Books is hosting the Book Blogger Hop. I know I haven't had many posts this week, I have been pretty busy.

This week's question is: When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move onto your next title?

My Answer: Most of the time I will stick it out and keep reading the book. If I read the first 50 or so pages and just hate the book, then I will put it down. There are so many more books to read that are better!

Join the hop with me!

Have a happy Friday!


  1. New follower here! Happy Hop! I agree with you, there are a TON of books out there, so why suffer through something awful...but I just start to feel bad if I put the book down, and don't give it another chance...what if it turns out to be really good at the end?

    Happy Reading!

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    I love your answer!

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  4. Good policy. I should try that myself!
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  5. I do the same, but I come back to it, it gets the ol' second chance before it's booted for good!

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